15 April 2011

Backyard Ale House–Dogfish Head Events April 19th

BackYardAleHouseLogoFrom BYAH:

Here is the rundown for the Tuesday the 19th:

We are pleased to host a special night of great beer tastings with the help of our friends from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.

Many of you know that every Tuesday night we select 5 Beers from 5 Breweries and offer our patrons a sample of each along with some great beer conversation. Its our weekly Tuesday 5 for $5 tasting. Next Tuesday (April 19th) we are going to take it a step farther. We are pairing with Dogfish Head and wil...l be sampling 5 of their great beers. The 5 for $5 tasting will run from 7 to 9 and the 5 brews will be:

Burton Baton
Midas Touch
Raison D'Erte
Indian Brown Ale
Palo Santo

That alone makes a fantastic night of delicious beer, but quoting a great friend of ours, "Oh wait, theres more!"

We have been waiting for a special night to tap 2 more special release Dogfish Head beers and this Tuesday is the night. At 6 o'clock we will tap a 1/6 barrel of Bitches Brew and a 1/6 of World Wide Stout. Those who know these beers know what a treat they are.

We do have to limit 1 10oz Chalice per person of each the Bitches Brew and the World Wide Stout while supplies last.

"Oh wait, theres more"
We currently have Dogfish Head "Red and White" on tap and hope that there will be some left for Tuesday. If it does run out by then we have "Black and Blue" to take its place. Also, all of these Dogfish Head delicious beers are available in a bottle:

60 Min
90 Min
Midas Touch
Raison D'Erte
World World Stout
Red and White
Black and Blue
Old School Barley Wine
Shelter Pale Ale
Sah Tea
Indian Brown Ale
Chateau Jiahu
Palo Santo
My Antonia
Aprihop (seasonal)

On behalf of Billy, Tony, Pat, Eric, and our Friends from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, we hope to see you Tuesday!


Backyard Alehouse Management
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